Teatv Apk v10.8.5r Download Latest Version For Android


Teatv is now free for streaming movies with adventure, fun, and entertainment. Now people will love and enjoy free movies daily with different varieties of media. Enjoy movies, TV shows, series, and famous dramas to enjoy your life. For movie lovers, we have a collection of newly released and popular movies. Enjoy movies on large screens and have fun with friends while watching the most entertaining shows.

Enjoy TV shows and watch all of your favorite episodes on time. Get high-quality audio and graphics quality while watching movies. Now you can select multiple options for streaming online and offline movies. Play movies smoothly and enjoy the latest dramas and animated series. People who want to enjoy subtitles and multiple languages in their movies can get Teatv App. Search for movies and spend your free time on entertaining shows for unlimited fun and excitement.

What is Teatv?

As we know most of the movies app are not free to use. People are unable to enjoy High-Quality movies and TV shows just because of their subscription plans. In the tea tv apk, all of the features are the same as the premium app but the most interesting thing about this app is that it is completely free. Now anyone can watch HD movies and TV shows on their Androids, TV, and PC without a high cost. Explore high-quality media for your daily life entertainment.


This wonderful app can also be used to connect with your smart television. In this way, we can watch movies with our friends and family. All kinds of movies and content are available for kids and adults. There are multiple options available to watch entertaining videos on this cool movie app. Get ready to explore mind-blowing features and services while having a lot of fun with your favorite media.

Features of Teatv

There are multiple features available in this app for high-quality streaming. It’s free features and streaming services are responsible for its popularity. Don’t waste time on other platforms and get ready to have fun with teatv apk with its wonderful features.

New Movies

Teatv allows its users to search for movies to watch them online on their devices. Yes, a new collection of movies has been added to this app. With its smooth and fast services users will be able to enjoy their TV shows, series, and other online media on time. So download and enjoy this app freely on your devices for high-quality sounds and media experiences.

Free Premium Features

The apps that provide movies and TV shows contain a lot of premium stuff for their customers. Their purpose is to charge their users on a weekly or monthly basis. Teatv is not the same as the other apps. Anyone can access its media library without any cost. This app is now free and safe for enjoying movies with multiple facilities and services.


The teatv supports subtitles available in different languages and font styles. Even you can replace the subtitles by changing their place by watching movies. Enjoy movies with the accuracy of subtitles to understand the wording of your favorite movies without any hardship. This feature adds fun to our movie experiences with free subtitles.

HD Videos

We know that movie lovers prefer HD media to stream. So now we are going to introduce one of the cool services of this amazing app. With its wonderful features and services, the quality of media will be in full HD quality. Your movies will remain in full HD quality without any kind of buffering. So now you can choose media quality up to 4K for your favorite movies and TV shows.


People love to watch the famous movies of different film industries available in the world. In this way, they also demand languages and subtitles to have a comfortable streaming experience. That’s why Teatv is free with all of the popular languages for their movies. With multiple language options, you can start streaming your favorite videos in your preferred language.

TV Channels

Including movies, Teatv also contains other channels for its users. This app has the most popular channels and TV shows for its users. That’s how you can watch videos on any content on this platform. Watch TV shows, cartoons, and other entertaining channels on this app. Enjoy your daily life with unlimited fun and adventure by selecting movies from different Varieties of channels.

Offline Streaming

In this app, there are also many settings available to stream movies offline. People can download movies to save in this app. It is very helpful for watching movies when you don’t have an internet connection. So now you are one step away from this mind-blowing streaming application. Let’s get it to enjoy wonderful media with free services.

Free Movie App

The movie streaming options with subtitles, languages, and high-quality media are free of cost. Not only this but the users can also download movies from the wide range of media on this platform. Download and explore thousands of free streaming channels on this platform. Enjoy your daily life by watching videos on different topics and content. Get free access to all of your movies for free and enjoy everything easily.

Safe Movie App

Teatv is quite safe and virus-free for users. This app has a lot of features available with its anti-ban Services. Get the app freely and you can also Scan it for your satisfaction. People who have never used this app before will find it very unique and simple for streaming. With exciting TV shows, channels, and movies anyone can download this superb movie app with high Security.

Smooth For Movies

Sometimes we face buffering while watching movies. On other platforms, people are unable to watch movies smoothly if they don’t have a fast internet connection. In this app, the features and services are not the same as the other applications. Here you can enjoy movies streaming without buffering. Even with average internet speed the media can be played in full HD quality with smooth speed.

Simple Interface

Teatv has a simple interface where all of the media contents are available on the top. It is simple for streaming and anyone can watch movies freely on this app. Children and adults will be allowed to start streaming their videos by selecting from their favorite categories. So enjoy media for free with all categories of movies and shows.

How to Use Teatv?

Most people find it difficult to use this wonderful app on their devices. Don’t worry now we will guide you step by step on how can you play movies on this application without any difficulty.

  • First of all the users will have to install and open this app on their devices.
  • Without any restrictions, anyone can use this app even without registration.
  • Now you need to select movies available on its interface.
  • All of the movies are available with multiple Lists. You can enjoy all varieties of movies according to your taste.
  • If you want to enjoy a specific TV show or movie then you will have to use the search icon.
  • By using this icon you can search for the movies directly on this wonderful movies app.
  • It can provide all of the movies for free by bringing your favorite content to you.
  • After selecting the movies and TV shows you will be able to watch them with a single click.

Pros and Cons


  • Free Movie streaming.
  • High-Quality Streaming.
  • Multiple Languages.
  • Download Movies.
  • Support subtitles.
  • No more advertisements.
  • Diverse collection.
  • Non-stop streaming options.
  • No restrictions.
  • No buffering.


  • Consumes internet connection.
  • Requires permission.


Yes, this movie app is completely free for watching high-quality movies with subtitles and other services. Now you can explore movies and TV shows easily on this platform without any cost. This app has made it easy for poor people to watch their favorite movies for fun and entertainment.

This app is safe for watching movies on your screens. Even the users can connect it with the television screens to enhance their movie experiences. Get ready to enjoy movies for free by making fun with all the media in it.

Yes, now Teatv is completely safe for everyone. With a wide collection of HD channels and entertaining media, this app is secure for all kinds of devices. Everyone can freely download it on their devices for new streaming experiences.

Before downloading this app you should know that it supports all kinds of devices. Android, TV, PC, and iOS users can download and use it to stream movies with free download links available on our website.