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TeaTv App | Download for Android, iOS & PC

Entertainment is a source of survival and who wouldn’t want it when it comes for free? Presenting you the most phenomenal streaming app TeaTv.If you are addicted to TV shows and movies, TEA TV is just the right place for you. It is an amazing android application with thousands of TV shows and movies with regular updates.

This app is a source of entertainment to millions of people and after reading the mind-blowing features of this app, you going to be a part of the league of these ‘Millions of TeaTv users’. You can easily install the application on your phone and watch unlimited TV shows anywhere, anytime!

Download TeaTv APP for Android

Features of Tea Tv

  1. Beginning with the most striking feature, Tea Tv is free. You not required to spend a single penny on this app.
  2. It provides the best of content. Name a Tv show or a Film and you will not be disappointed by not being able to get it.
  3. The Picture Quality is fantastic. One gets to watch their favorite content in a quality compatible to their device. HD quality is available in the picture as well as the invoice.
  4. Subtitles are available in various languages.
  5. The app is extremely simple to use and the user interface is very swift.


No doubt TEA TV has several benefits over NETFLIX. Netflix is a platform where you pay for the monthly subscription to watch your favorite shows whereas TEA TV is completely free of cost.

This is the advantage that simply overrules. It provides the user for multiple options of the type of screen and its resolution. The screen, as well as the sound, is available in HD (impressive, isn’t it?).

The only difference between NETFLIX and TEA TV is the ads. NETFLIX is completely free of ads providing a slightly better user experience but on the other side TEA TV provides very few ads in between the show.

The frequency of ads is so slow that any anyone will surely enjoy the show as on NETFLIX. Also, who care for the ads when you getting to see your favourite TV show for free? Hence, TEA TV is always the better choice.

Why TEA TV is not available on PLAYSTORE anymore

Tea TV was initially launched on play store and its demand grew up within a year. Due to the free policy and low frequency of ads, it was greatly appreciated by all the public. But somehow the app was lifted from the Playstore, which left users with the apk version of TEA TV. TEA TV is not available on play store but one can find it on Google. One can easily find the apk version of TEA TV. And let us ensure you, TEA TV apk is completely safe to download (from the link provided below). Make sure you do not get it from any random website.

How to install TEA TV on Android TV?

You can download the link of TEA TV apk from the link mentioned above. Before having this application, make sure your device is compatible with these features.

  • Minimum 2GB RAM along with 2GHz quad-core processor.
  • Make sure you have enough space for the working of the app. At least 50 MB will be taken by your app and your device must have 500 to 600 MB free space for saving cache and data of your videos. Once you run out of memory, you can go to setting->Applications->TEA TV -> clear data.
  • To install this application on your Android device, you must allow the option to download from unknown sources. By default, an Android device allows apps only from Google play store and other registered stores. However, if you want to download an apk file, then you have to allow the unknown sources option. Go to Settings->Security->unknown sources->Select the option.
  • Once you have downloaded the application from the link, it will take a few minutes for its installation purpose.
  • You simply have to register the app and finally you can search your favorite TV shows.

How to search for movies and shows in TEA TV

Searching in TEA TV is very easy as in other TV shows. An ad pops up when you click on the search bar. You only need to click on the back option and the ads will not come again. The ad only appears on the first click. You can set your preferences for the types of shows you would like to see. The TEA TV will simply show you the best results related to the types of your preference. In the latest TEA TV apk 7.2, most of the previous bugs are sorted.

How to protect yourself from risks?

There is always a slight risk that you are using a non-legal or banned application and your ISP may ban your connection or anything punishable is done. However, there are easy protective measures to protect yourself from these risks. VPN- Virtual Private Networks create a secure tunnel through which your connection is done. Nobody outside can check what you are streaming on the internet when you are using a banned app.

There are many simple VPN’s available on the play store. My favorite one is TURBO VPN as it provides so many countries. What I do is connect my phone to VPN and use a hotspot to another phone. The Second phone is also connected to a new VPN hence providing a two-layer security to what I am accessing on the internet.

Final Words

Tea TV provides users with a great entertainment experience without indulging any costs. It has awesome features such as captions in different languages, different screen players and many more. You can view the trailer of a show or a movie before actually starting it. The ratings of shows and movies are completely legitimate on TEA TV. There are numerous options to choose to make it a better user experience for the audience. With no hesitation, you can download the apk file from the link given above. The file is well verified by our experts and completely genuine for our audience. Thank you for reading this blog and do share it with your friends and family.

Note: Make sure you have a reasonably decent device to conceive the app and High-speed internet to stream the shows. These are the pre-requisites for optimizing Tea Tv at its best.