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Best TeaTV Alternatives: Similar Apps Like Tea TV App

The teaTV application is one of the best movies and TV series streaming app available on the internet. Due to its download feature make it the best choice for everyone. But many of you want to know the alternative apps available in the market. We have researched for you and listed a few of the best alternative apps which you can use instead of TeaTV. Below we have listed Apk the best TeaTV Alternatives for you.

Apps Like TeaTV App: Best Alternatives

Those who use the TeaTV app, they already know its potential. But still, if you want to try something different then here are the alternative apps to TeaTV which you can use. We have listed the best movies and TV series streaming app for you. 

1. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TVTerrarium TV is one of the best movies and TV series streaming service which allows you to stream high-quality videos in your device. Terrarium TV is absolutely free and it’s having all the latest movies and TV series in its collection. You can even download from this app just like TeaTV app and most of the TeaTV features are available in the Terrarium TV app. We have provided the link below to download the Terrarium TV APK in your android device. 


2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn TimePopcorn Time app is a multi-platform and absolutely free media streaming service. This is one of the best alternatives to the TeaTV app which allows you to download and stream thousands of contents to choose from. You will get most of the latest movies and TV series or even anime in the library of the Popcorn time. You can head straight to the download link below and try the app for yourself.


3. Kodi

Kodi is another open source cross-platform software which not only streams movies and TV series, but it also streams music videos, songs etc. This is an award-winning media center which is available for free and there are far more features and systems you cannot imagine in a streaming application. We provide the download link for you to download this amazing app.


4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most famous streaming service current present on the internet right now. Not only it lets you stream movies and TV series, but also give you Netflix exclusive contents for you. Netflix is not a free service application. It lets you get free access for the first 3 months of registering. Netflix is having premium packages and its worth the package.


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5. Stremio

Stremio is an awesome media streaming service which is available for free. You can get all the features which are present in the TeaTV app. Not on that, you can also track the timeline of what you watched during a calendar month in a calendar format. You can have add-ons for different media sources and enjoy its service there. We have given the download link below for you to enjoy its service in your devices. 


6. Butter Project

 Butter ProjectButter Project is a free media streaming and downloading software. You are most relatable to the TeaTV as most of its features are similar. Butter Project is having all the latest movies and TV series to stream and even download from the app directly to your local storage. You can bookmark and manage your library and make a watchlist where you can add contents to later watch on. Download Butter Project from the link below. 


Final Words:

We have listed the best possible alternatives to the TeaTV app and also provided the links to download them. Choose the app or service based on its features discussed above. Most of the apps listed above have the similar features in them so you will most likely feel no difference with TeaTV app while using them. Let us know in the comment section if you know any better alternatives! Stay tuned for more updates on TeaTV.

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