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TeaTV for PC/Laptop : Download for Windows 10 & 8.1

We always try to find better streaming apps for movies and TV series with the latest content. We will find millions of streaming apps in both Android and Device store, but not all the apps having the potential to be your favorite. We have researched for you and selected an app best among others available in the market. With TeaTV app in your PC, you will get access to more than a thousand free movies and TV series streamed and downloaded. You can get started by downloading the app and search for the desired movies, TV shows or anime and start streaming, it will buffer for few seconds to load the content on the media player inbuilt within the app. And if you are busy and left the watched content in the halfway, don’t worry you will be redirected right from where you left for the last time. It remembers where you left the content watching and pauses at the same point for further access. You can even see the details of the contents before start streaming or downloading. Now head down to the installation guide section for successful installation of the TeaTV for PC. But, before you download the application read the features of the TeaTV service.

Features of TeaTV Application for PC

Before installing the TeaTV application on your PC, let us discuss the features of the TeaTV for PC. Remember that you can only download high-quality videos if your PC is running on Windows 7,8 and 10.  

  • Download movies and TV shows directly from the application of your PC.

  • Free application with no hidden charges and no subscription fees.

  • Animes are also available in the collection with English subtitles in a separated section.

  • Mark movies and TV series as your favorite for easier access.

  • Ability to watch trailers before watching the full content.

  • Downloaded contents directly to your downloads folder in your PC.

  • No annoying ads while streaming.

  • Contents will get updated daily!

  • Ability to search with sort by year & genre.

How to Install the TeaTV PC Windows:

Follow the following steps below to install TeaTV app in your windows PC. The requirement for Mac OS is 10.7 or above whereas for Windows PC is Windows XP or above.

  1. Click on the link provided below and choose the version you want to download, for Mac OS download the Mac version of the app and for Windows, PC download the Windows version.
    Download For Windows
  2. After the installation file gets downloaded in the PC, click on the file to get started with the installation process of the TeaTV for PC.
  3. A window will open up and let you select your destination for installing the TeaTV for PC.
  4. Select and follow the instructions for the successful installation.
  5. Once the Installation is complete you are good to go with TeaTV for PC.

FAQ’s Related to TeaTV Application:

1Q. Can I use other streaming service apps along with TeaTV app in PC?
A: Yes, TeaTV will not conflict with any other apps available in your PC.
2Q. Will the TeaTV app slow down my PC?
A: No, it will not eat up much of your RAM of your PC.
3Q. Can I transfer the downloaded files from Downloads Folder in my PC?
A: Yes, you can even share those files with anyone you like.
4Q. Is it possible to stream the contents of the TeaTV application for PC on another media player installed in the PC?
A: No, you can only stream in the inbuilt media player within the app, but if you download the file from the TeaTV application you can play in any installed media player available in your PC.


We have covered everything about the TeaTV for PC application along with features and installation guide. Download this useful and awesome application right now to get access to the latest contents streamed into your device. Unlike most of the streaming apps, it lets you download its contents to the local drive which is really a cool feature.

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